The Association Data Protection Officer (ASSO DPO)  was founded because of the will of some professionals engaged in Privacy, Training and IT Consulting field, in order to offer its members a reference point for discussing and studying issues related to the implementation of the European and Italian regulations in the Privacy and data protection field. In particular, the Association aims to support and develop the work of the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Consultants and Chief Privacy Officer, through the comparison and exchange of information among the members.


The principal aims of the Association are:

  • To promote the research and the dissemination of knowledge regarding Privacy compliance check, Ethic and Information Technology;
  • To promote the identification and improvement of the role of Data Protection Officer and facilitate their professional growth;
  • To develop solutions to problems reported by Privacy regulations, and in particular, to problems concerning the performance of  Data Protection in companies and institutions, if necessary  also through the processing of “standard” and “best practice”;
  • To discuss issues regarding Privacy regulation and its application, interpretation and amendments.